RainBow Girls; A Work In Progress



Rainbow Girls


I saw her walking the street one day

Not too long ago

One of my Rainbow Girls

My! My! Did she grow!

Black Tortoise shell glasses

Camouflage Converse Shoe

Mini Skirt

And a T-Shirt that says;

“Fuck You”


She’s my Silver Girl

Hard Life




But the sunshine yellow girl

That sunshine yellow girl


Now we got the purple girl

She was all smiles and curls

Big Ambitions

Wanted to see the world



Hiding her identity

From the authority

My purple girl…

She came from south of the border town…

She was hidin’ in my classroom

She brightened up my day

My Purple Girl


But that yellow sunshine girl

That Sunshine Girl


She changed my….


Pure As a Goddess

Dressed in White

Heavy laden with Pearls and Jewels

On her wedding night

So brave and so beautiful

And poor as can be

For the rest of her life,

My Pakistani White girl,

She gonna live in luxury

She was determined never to live poor

Since she was a little girl…



And sister RED

That Pakistani Twin

With the smile that goes ear to ear

And a heart that beats deep within

Living in the shadow of the Goddess

Hard to be a twin

These two little rays of sunshine


That brought us….JOY


But that Sunshine Yellow Girl

My Sunshine Yellow Girl

Mmmm …She changed my world




And that Blue Girl

That Bosnian beauty

She got a story to tell

Vicitimized as a child…

It took her a little linger to grow

But she went off on her own

That Blue Girl

So many children in her family

And her Daddy

Man he kept her down

(I would counsel her about that)

She finally released herself

A teacher


My Blue Girl is a teacher

That silver girl is a dancer

My white girl

she lives in the medical land of the pharmacy

she educated herself

And now she’s living in luxury

With her mmmmmmmMan……

Who loves her so




But that Sunshine Girl

That sunshine Girl

From Mexico…


Since she was a child

She changed me everyday day

She listens

To every word

And yes she did learn

Sunshine girl

She’s in the Art world…..



These are my Rainbow Girls

But they changed my world

And the days go by

The student becomes the teacher

The teacher becomes the student

The child becomes the mother

The mother becomes the child

My Rainbow Girls

They’ll be here for .



They live in my heart………..




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