Poetry Project 2 Piano, Poetry, Voice

In the previously recorded sound piece, “Empty & Willin'”, produced and mixed in a recording studio, the thickness of the recording techniques is quite apparent.

Here the raw poetry is revisited,  I am using the  program called GarageBand, as a way to create a quick sketch, experimenting with new tools to in making sound.

The series continues with the second poem; “In The Sky”, and begins to merge with the focus of my paintings right now.

I am thinking about a question that Gauguin asked long ago;

Who are WE? Where did we come from? Where are we going?



The SYMPTOMS were evident

In the Arts, In the Political Structure, the church, and the Family

It was the calm before the storm

The CRISIS before the TRANSFORMATION of an entire civilization

Doomsday speakers had their say

There is always a place in this world for the negative

It was the ones who thought positively

They were the TARGET!

To THEM we represented the PAST

The CONFRONTATION between the YOUNG and the OLD



But even as we grew, and became more a part of the system

They didn’t see us for who we really were

If they had listened to the voices in the sky who had inspired our minds

PERHAPS we would have spared the world such pain

But our world was set up

From the START our PLANET was involved in a CONSPIRACY in HEAVEN

That SHE took no part in


Those were Cosmic consequences that the planet had grown up with



In The Sky

This round sphere spinning

Traveling around the great sun

Older than we realize

Hiding truths yet be revealed

In this time of man

The long history of earth

So Many stories and legends

Each one a part of the truth

Revealed over centuries


We think we know the story

We only know parts of the story

We have forgotten

Or lost

Most of the truth…

Buried and forgotten

Under the sands

Hidden from view

Lay the history of our planet

Under the sea

A world still so deep

Unknown to us

The hidden caves

Over time we discover

Bits and pieces of Ancient Texts

Cracked and dried out skulls

Traces of lives lived and lost to time

Mummies that reveal strangely shaped heads

And the Art


In every culture

Revealing something

Out there in the Sky









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