PATTI RAIN  recorded April 2015

This is an original composition,  thinking about TIME, looking back, searching through the mist for a connection to a different time in my life, distant, but a time still so relevant and still so embedded into the fabric of who I am as a person, a woman, and as an artist….

Pay Attention
The waters are receding
Pay Attention
The Bees are dying
Pay Attention!
The Last Black Rhino stands alone
Looking back into my memory of a gentler time
A time when Evolutionary Dead End was not such a possible idea

Pay Attention
The soldiers gather
They are so very young, not yet 13, with seething anger
They pick up their Russian made weapons
They scream threats to us as we drive through the throng of children Eyes red with tears
Parents laying dead on the ground
Brother gone
Sister gone
Family no more

“I & I”


My work is a desire to bring the viewer into a space where they become open to the forces IMG_3001of Imagination and Spirit. I believe Art can transform us, Art can awaken in us a new awareness, create new sensations, and even new revelations, through Color and Form. For me, the act of painting is an act of spiritual practice, because I enter the painting with body and mind, searching for the images as I wander through the Canvas.

In my effort to create an environment that would induce AWE in the viewer, and in myself, I have not yet abandoned the figure. In my desire to elicit a response from the viewer, I employ the basic compositional elements of narrative, in Abstraction, inviting the viewer to “take in” Color and Form, Creating a visual vocabulary, allowing the viewer to form their own narrative, and there by gaining an insight into my investigation of the Spiritual in Art.